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Miami Truck Accident Broken Bone Lawyer

Broken bones suffered in semi-truck wrecks are often the worst sort of bone injuries possible. Get the settlement you need to finance your recovery by contacting a Miami truck accident broken bone lawyer.

Breaking a bone in a commercial truck accident can be devastating, especially if it makes it difficult to walk, work, or complete daily activities. You may need to hire a caregiver to assist you at home and may even need a driver to take you to work and medical appointments. This can get expensive, and you should not have to pay financially in addition to suffering physically.

To prevent this, hire a Miami truck accident broken bone lawyer from Lavent Law to represent you and recover financial damages from the negligent party.

Type of Broken Bone Affects Potential Compensation

Determining what caused your 18-wheeler crash is critical for your case. Were you a pedestrian hit by a truck, in another vehicle, riding a bus, or involved in some other way? Investigating what happened will determine who should be named in your personal injury claim.

Additionally, the way your bone broke makes a difference in your case because it will impact your recovery. Common bone fracture types are as follows:

  • Where the bone breaks through the skin
  • A bone breaks but remains under the skin
  • When a bone breaks in two or more places and is displaced.
  • Bones that have fractured all over are said to be shattered or comminuted

Since the fracture type influences how long it takes to recover, the worse the fracture, the more money you are likely to receive for your claim.

Have You Recovered Fully from the Semi Wreck?

If you haven’t recovered yet, you can still file a lawsuit. Your doctor will determine if you will recover from the bone fracture, how long it will take, and if you will have any lasting disabilities.

After a fractured bone, physical therapy is often required to regain mobility, and even with physical therapy, you may not ever fully recover. It is important to be compensated for this level of bone injury.

Getting More Money for Your Bone Injury

An attorney can help you get more for your bone fracture than if you negotiated with the insurance company on your own. Both the trucking company and their insurance company will have lawyers. Their objective will be to pay you as little as possible, so expect a lowball offer at the outset.

With an experienced truck crash attorney on your side, this becomes the beginning of back-and-forth negotiations. The amount you ultimately settle for should cover all your expenses and ways that your life has been negatively impacted by your broken bone:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Rehabilitation
  • Medication
  • Medical bills
  • Transportation
  • Lost enjoyment of life

Someone Must Be at Fault for the 18-Wheeler Crash

Since someone needs to be negligent in order for you to receive compensation, a thorough investigation must be conducted into all parties that were involved in the crash.

For example, even though the trucking company may not have been actually present at the scene, they could be held responsible if negligent hiring or poor truck maintenance were involved. Even the government may be to blame in situations where the roads were not maintained properly.

Speak with a Miami Truck Accident Bone Fracture Lawyer

Get help with recovering from your commercial truck wreck so that you can be compensated for your broken bones and other injuries. Schedule a free consultation with Lavent Law by using the form below or by calling (305) 440-0450.