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Miami Truck Accident Lawyer

Get the compensation you deserve for your commercial truck wreck by working with an experienced Miami truck crash attorney.

Semi-trucks and other large commercial vehicles can do significant damage when they’re involved in accidents. Sometimes, accidents just happen—the result of an unexpected gust of wind or a blowout—but if your accident was caused by someone else’s negligence, it’s important to understand that you’re entitled to compensation.

Not all truckers are careless, but some are, and if your truck collision left you with serious injuries that could have been prevented, you should fight for the justice you deserve. A qualified attorney can help you fight for fair compensation for your injuries and seek justice for all you’ve suffered.

Work with a Miami truck accident lawyer who knows Florida’s personal injury laws and isn’t afraid to go after big trucking companies, government entities, or anyone else responsible for your accident. We will fight for you, whether that means working hard to obtain a fair settlement or taking your case to trial.

Determining Fault in Miami Commercial Truck Wrecks

In many serious truck accidents, the most important factor that must be determined is who was at fault. To find that out, you must investigate every detail of the 18-wheeler crash. Of course, it will be difficult for you to investigate your own wreck when you are in the hospital suffering from catastrophic injury.

You may need someone to investigate your semi-truck accident for you. Your Miami truck crash lawyer can do that. We will investigate the crash, interview witnesses, gather evidence, and secure the medical documentation needed to prove that you weren’t at fault for your collision.

A number of factors can cause a truck wreck in Miami, and you may be surprised to learn that not all truck crashes are the result of a trucker’s negligence. In many cases, an outside factor could have led to the collision. Luckily, you can name other parties in your claim—not just the trucker.

The following are some common causes of truck accidents in Miami:

  • Dangerous Road Conditions – Government entities are normally responsible for road maintenance. If your accident was caused by unsafe road conditions, you can pursue compensation from the government. For example, if a truck collided with you because of a too-narrow lane, a government agency could be found liable.
  • Unsecured Cargo – Truckers don’t usually load their own trucks—they just drive them. If the loading company failed to properly secure a load that came loose to cause your crash, you may be able to pursue compensation from the cargo loaders.
  • Shoddy Mechanical Work – If a mechanic was careless when working on your vehicle or the trucker’s vehicle, you can sue the mechanic if that carelessness caused your Miami truck accident.
  • Construction Crew Errors – Construction zones can be difficult to navigate, which is why you should always follow the speed limit postings and other signs. If, however, the construction crew members failed to adequately mark any road hazards that led to a collision, they can be held responsible for your truck accident.
  • Drowsy Driving Although there are strict rules and regulations for truckers, especially regarding how long they are allowed to be on the road for any given stretch, truckers sometimes break these rules, endangering others’ lives. If you were injured because of a drowsy truck driver, you should be compensated.

Dealing with the Trucker’s Insurance Company

When you’re involved in a Miami semi-truck crash, you’re probably dealing with a commercial business that has a large insurance policy to protect it from liability. These trucking companies have legal teams who will run out to the crash site in an attempt to prove you were somehow responsible for the wreck.

They will do all this while you’re still in the hospital trying to recover from serious injuries, and then they will contact you and try to get you to admit responsibility for the accident. When that doesn’t work, they will try to convince you that a low settlement offer is the best you’ll get, and that offer is usually laughable.

When you hire a personal injury attorney from our office, we can handle all communications with the insurers and trucking companies. You can focus on your health, and you won’t have to worry about accidentally admitting responsibility.

You also have a much better chance of being taken seriously when you have a Miami 18-wheeler wreck attorney fighting for you.

Compensation for 18-Wheeler Collisions in Miami

When you’re seeking compensation for a commercial vehicle wreck, you probably realize that you can request medical expenses in your claim. Medical costs are some of the primary monetary losses victims suffer after a serious semi-truck accident. But did you know that you can demand compensation for other damages?

Not only can you request that monetary damages (financial losses) are paid to you, you can also request non-monetary (non-economic suffering) damages, as well.

In many cases, the court will find that your non-monetary losses are greater than your financial losses and will compensate you for your suffering through monetary reimbursement. This is simply the court’s way of trying to make you feel “whole” again or paying you back for all you’ve been through as a result of your Miami truck accident.

Here are a few of the monetary and non-monetary damages for which you might recover compensation:

  • Medical expenses related to your truck accident
  • Repair or replacement of your vehicle
  • Mental anguish, including post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Mental health services and physical therapy
  • Caregiving services
  • Transportation services
  • Lost wages and future lost wages
  • Reduced enjoyment of your life
  • Pain and suffering

How Can a Miami Truck Wreck Attorney Help?

You may not realize how much an experienced attorney can help you. Not only will we help you file your claim paperwork, we will also walk you through every step of the personal injury claim process so you won’t have to worry about missing a deadline or failing to provide the court with the right paperwork.

A successful outcome for your case is too important to risk by fighting your Miami truck crash case on your own. Your attorney can make the process go faster and move much more smoothly for you. Here is a list of some of the many things your attorney will take off your plate when you hire us:

  • We can help you file all necessary paperwork.
  • We can offer legal advice and explain the entire process to you in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • We will investigate your accident, interview witnesses, and gather evidence.
  • We can help you collect all the medical documentation needed to prove your case.
  • We will speak with insurance companies on your behalf.
  • We can negotiate a fair compensation package or take your case to trial, as needed.

Speak with a Miami Semi-Truck Accident Attorney

Being injured by a reckless trucker is a situation no one should have to endure. Unfortunately, truckers do cause serious injury to others, and if they were being negligent, they should be held responsible. If your semi-truck crash was caused by negligence, you can find justice and compensation for all you’ve been through.

Hire a Miami truck accident lawyer from Lavent Law to fight for you. We will help you deal with the trucker’s insurance company, investigate the details of your accident, and gather and present evidence if your case goes to trial. You can schedule a free consultation by calling us at (305) 440-0450 or completing the contact form below.

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