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The Five Most Dangerous Intersections in the Miami-Dade Area

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A Slate report in 2013 judged Miami to have the worst drivers in the nation. More recent national statistics for pedestrians said that Miami-Dade was the nation’s fifth most dangerous metropolis with fatalities at a ten-year high.

Miami-Dade also ranked number seven for traffic congestion, making commuting frustrating as well as hazardous. Red-light running is a huge problem, with American Traffic Solutions singling the county out in online accident videos. So, how to avoid being a victim? You can start by being extra vigilant at the following highly dangerous corners and intersections:

Dade Boulevard and Alton Road: South Beach

Alton Road has been historically plagued by flooding and has been subject to various improvement projects over the years. Dade’s latest project was to raise up the roadway to be in line with other roads. Where the two streets meet, the wide, hectic crossroad is prone to accidents and heavy traffic that can back all the way up into South Beach and the Julia Tuttle Causeway. Careless pedestrians can add to the chaos.

36th Street and NW 87th: Doral

At this corner, 36th Street widens to six lanes of traffic and NW 87th to eight. Maybe we can just stop there as you can imagine trying to gauge the intentions of that many drivers all at once. These Doral roadways can be jam-packed from morning to night.

The Brickell Avenue Bridge: Brickell

This Brickell drawbridge road is at the mercy of passing boats, which can halt traffic for about twenty minutes so that they can pass through on their pleasure cruise—even in the middle of rush hour. This stretch also links to I-95, causing many vehicles to make last minute moves to get onto the highway. Incidentally, the Florida stretch of I-95 was ranked the most dangerous road in America in 2010, so take care there as well.

NE First Avenue and NE Sixth Street: Miami

This intersection was labeled the most dangerous in Miami-Dade due to its high number of accidents and how catastrophic they were. NE Sixth Street is also a feeder for I-95, and American Airlines Arena brings crushing traffic during Heat games and other stadium events. Tourists and other visitors add to the crowding of these well-used roads.

Pines Boulevard and South Flamingo Road: Pembroke Pines

A 2001 Allstate study ranked this intersection as the nation’s most dangerous. Within five years, one hundred pedestrians have died here. Safety measures such as red-light cameras and steep fines have improved things somewhat, but drivers still need to be extra cautious. With six lanes for Flamingo and eight for Pines (including turn lanes), chaos is a given and stress levels run high.

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