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Miami Supermarket Injury Lawyer

No one anticipates getting hurt while picking up a gallon of milk at the supermarket. However, these accidents do happen on a fairly regular basis, often due to a lack of care and proper maintenance from the supermarket itself.

For example, if lights are not replaced as needed, certain areas of the store may be too dark to see in clearly, or there may be wet or damaged floor surfaces that lead to a slip-and-fall accident.

Regardless of the specifics, when a supermarket’s premises aren’t safe for its patrons, the supermarket needs to take responsibility for any accidents and injuries that occur. A Miami supermarket injury lawyer can help you pinpoint the exact cause of your accident, and build a case proving it.

Negotiating with the Supermarket

The supermarket will employ its own attorneys in its defense. This opposing legal team will attempt to blame you for what happened and try to prove that you caused your own accident.

For example, if you slipped and fell at the supermarket, they may argue that you fell due to tripping over your own two feet, and that the premises were perfectly safe.

Even when attempting to settle out of court, the supermarket’s representative’s objective is to minimize their client’s liability wherever possible and thereby minimizes the supermarket’s financial responsibility. Many people become frustrated with this experience and either give up or agree to settle for an amount far less than what they deserve.

When dealing with a large supermarket’s insurer and legal team, it is always better to work with a Miami supermarket injury lawyer who can advise you and negotiate on your behalf.

When to File a Lawsuit

Insurers and opposing legal teams will often try to stall negotiations for as long as possible. Their hope is that they can stall long enough to cause the case to hit the statute of limitations—four years in Florida for personal injury cases.

Sometimes the only way to convince the supermarket and its representatives to negotiate in good faith is to file a lawsuit. Doing so shows you are serious, and filing doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to go to court.

As the court date approaches, the supermarket will become more eager to settle out of court. Doing so will give them some control over what happens, whereas a court verdict gives them no option but to comply with the court’s decision. Working with a Miami supermarket injury lawyer throughout this process is always your best option, as the provided legal advice and experience will be invaluable to ensuring a successful outcome.

Speak with a Miami Supermarket Injury Lawyer

Going up against a supermarket, its insurer, and its legal team can be an intimidating proposition on your own. Make certain you are prepared and receive the compensation you deserve by calling Lavent Law at 305-440-0450. Securing the services of an experienced Miami supermarket injury lawyer will be the decision you make in your case.