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Miami Hotel Injury Lawyer

While  vacationing in Florida, you should be able to expect any hotel you stay at to provide you with a safe and enjoyable visit. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Dishonest and irresponsible hotel owners may allow their buildings to fall into disrepair by avoiding necessary maintenance. This can create dangerous situations with unsafe stairwells, cracked pool tiles, and faulty equipment.

Disrepair such as this leads to an increased number of accidents, as it becomes difficult to avoid things like tripping or stumbling, particularly at night. If you have suffered an accident or injury as a result of a hotel’s negligence, it is important to call a Miami hotel injury lawyer immediately to begin the process of building your case.

What to Do Immediately Following Your Accident

After you have been injured at a hotel, you need to take the necessary steps to protect yourself.

First, take pictures of anything around you, and especially take pictures of whatever led to your injury. For example, if you were hurt while exiting the pool due to a tile slipping out of place, take a picture of it.

Get the contact information of any witnesses who saw what happened and can verify your version of events.

You should also take pictures of your injuries and seek medical attention to have them documented by a medical professional. Be certain to follow any medical advice your doctor gives you, as doing so demonstrates to the court that you took your health seriously in the accident’s wake.

File a Report with the Hotel

You should also file an accident report with the hotel manager. If you are not given a form to complete, write down the employee’s name and phone number. If you fail to file a report with the hotel, they may claim you were not actually injured on their property but were instead injured somewhere else and are falsely trying to file a claim against them.

Contact a Miami hotel injury lawyer as soon as convenient during the above steps. Our attorneys can assist you throughout the process and keep the hotel honest.

Settling with the Hotel

Large hotels will have their own legal department, and they may try to get you to work with them directly. Doing so is risky because their goal is to minimize the hotel’s liability. They are not on your side.

Hotel legal teams will also try to drag negotiations out for as long as possible, hoping to hit the statute of limitations so you will no longer be able to file a claim.

The only way to ensure a fair settlement is to hire a Miami hotel injury lawyer who can negotiate on your behalf, examine any offers, and advise you appropriately.

Contact a Miami Hotel Injury Lawyer

Holding a hotel responsible for its negligence isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to do. Hotel legal teams and denials of responsibility will make this all but certain.

A Miami hotel injury lawyer from Lavent Law can simplify the process and handle much of the proceedings for you. Call (305) 440-0450, and begin by discussing your case with one of our experienced lawyers.