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Common Causes of Miami Motorcycle Accidents

A lot of people in Miami do not consider motorcycles safe and associate them with a greater frequency of accidents. While that is not necessarily true, a motorcycle accident is more likely to cause severe injury or even death than a two-car accident. Given the risks involved, riders are advised to be careful and aware of the traffic near them. Even if the driver of a motor vehicle is at fault, the motorcycle rider is more susceptible to injury and harm.

According to statistics from the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), almost 4500 motorcycle riders lost their lives in accidents in the U.S. in 2014. Florida is among the states that allow riders over the age of 21 to ride motorcycles without wearing a helmet if they carry adequate insurance coverage. According to IIHS, this has led to a spike in motorcycle accident fatalities. According to a CDC report, in 2013 the medical costs for traffic accidents in Florida totaled 32 million USD. These numbers show the importance of learning about Miami Motorcycle accidents, the common causes behind them, and how to reduce the frequency with which they occur.

Failure of Motorists to Notice a Motorcycle in Traffic

A majority of motorcycle accidents occur because the driver of an automobile fails to notice the motorcycle amidst motor vehicle traffic. Sometimes drivers only see motorcycles when it is too late to avoid a collision. A motorist who is careless is responsible for the accident and subject to fines or punishment, depending on the severity of the injuries to the motorcycle rider.

Carelessness While Making a Left Turn

A common cause is when drivers of larger vehicles (trucks and vans) are not being attentive while making a left turn. Ideally, they should check their mirrors and blind spots to make sure there are no vehicles behind them and signal the turn well in advance. When they fail to do so, they may collide with a motorcycle coming up from behind.

Distractions While Driving

Distracted drivers who are engaged in texting, talking on the phone or to other people in the car or truck often cause accidents. They fail to notice signals, flow of traffic and other vehicles. They may fail to take evasive action in time to avoid a collision. All drivers should avoid messaging or talking on a mobile phone without a hands-free device.

Unsafe Lane Changes

This is similar to making a turn without taking the necessary precautions. Motorists need to give a signal well in advance and check their blind spots before changing lanes. When they fail to do so, they may cause accidents. This is more prevalent with motorcycles as they are often not noticed because of their smaller size.

Drunk Driving

Motorists operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol often cause accidents. Driving under the influence is a serious offense. Do not drink and drive.

Mechanical Defects

Manufacturing defects can cause accidents or increase the level of injury to the rider. These cases are harder to prove in a court of law, but they still do cause accidents.

What to do if You are Involved in a Miami Motorcycle Accident

Failure to pay proper attention to road conditions, traffic, and rules of the road are the root causes of most motorcycle accidents. The shock of being involved in a motorcycle crash, whether as the rider or as an automobile driver, can leave you feeling overwhelmed. A skilled lawyer can help you through the process of recovering from a Miami motorcycle accident regardless of the cause. Call us today at (305) 440-0450 to arrange a free consultation.