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Millennials Admit to Poor Driving Habits

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Millennials are often characterized as tech-savvy multitaskers who want instant gratification. Those traits translate directly to their driving—in a bad way—according to a new AAA study. They are the top offenders of all age groups in texting, running red lights, and speeding when behind the wheel.  

Eighty-eight percent of the 2,511 licensed drivers surveyed admitted to doing these bad deeds in the past month. And scarily, they didn’t think doing them was a big deal. Perhaps that’s why the older set slanders them as acting “entitled.” But the law does not entitle people to drive the way they see fit. Using smartphones while driving is illegal and puts everyone at risk of a fatal crash.

Breakdown of Red-Light Running, Speeding, and Texting Offenders

The following are the age groups and number of offenders doing one or more of the above infractions in a thirty-day period

  • 16–18 years old: 69.3%
  • 19–24 years old: 88.4%
  • 25–39 years old: 79.2%
  • 40–59 years old: 75.2%
  • 60–74 years old: 67.3%
  • 75 years old and up: 69.1%

Not-So-Smart Phone

Distracted driving is one of the top causes of accidents, with cell phone use as a main scourge. These distractions often cause rear-end intersection crashes. Red-light running is also common for those with their minds on something else.

For many today, the itch to stay constantly wired in and share every behavior on social media means that being in the moment is lost to broadcasting it. Drivers of all ages have admitted to doing so, as well as videotaping and playing videogames while behind the wheel on phones and handheld devices. The fact that millennials grew up with technology as a given means that they are more apt to find its use appropriate in any setting.  

Safe Space

Although millennials top the list of offenders for cell phone use, following these safety rules benefit us all:

  • Set your ringer to silent, or better yet, turn your phone off
  • Pull over before dialing if you have to make a call
  • Use a Bluetooth system or headset if you have to talk while on the road
  • Use voice-activated dialing


Road savvy apps like Waze help drivers along on their journey, but they also indicate where police are. As a result, many people stick to the speed limit only if they believe that police are present. Speed limits are carefully calibrated to keep drivers moving along at a safe pace. Speeding is another main cause of traffic accidents for all ages. It is also a main cause of higher insurance premiums if you get caught.

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