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Miami Gardens Truck Accident Lawyer

Get full compensation for your commercial truck crash injuries and damages by working with an experienced Miami Gardens truck accident lawyer.

After being hit by a semi-truck, it is likely that you are dealing with extensive injuries and substantial pain and suffering. It is important to ensure that you don't suffer financially in addition to suffering physically. As a Miami Gardens truck accident lawyer, Boris Lavent can file a lawsuit on your behalf and seek compensation for how your life has been impacted by your injuries.

Determining Fault Is Complicated in Commercial Truck Crashes

Before filing a personal injury lawsuit, it is important to determine negligence. With 18-wheeler accidents, this is more complicated because more than one party is often to blame. Suing the wrong person or entity could hurt your chances for recovering compensation, making hiring a Miami Gardens truck accident lawyer to conduct discovery a critical step in the process.

Negligent parties in semi-truck wrecks might include any of the following:

  • Trucking Company – Whoever owns the truck is responsible for ensuring that drivers are properly trained and that the 18-wheeler is in good working condition.
  • Trucker – If the driver was reckless, intoxicated, or fatigued, he or she might have caused the wreck.
  • Contractors – Some companies hire independent contractors to do the driving, making it necessary to dissect the relationship and determine who is financially responsible.
  • Parts Manufacturers – If the semi-truck was sold with a faulty or defective part, the manufacturer could be to blame.

It is possible for more than one party to be partially responsible for the crash. In this case, they can all be named in your lawsuit, which further increases your chances for getting full compensation.

Name the Right Parties

Hiring a Miami Gardens truck accident lawyer will ensure that the correct party is named in your personal injury claim and that evidence is gathered through the discovery process to prove their negligence. Discovery is a critical step because it is not enough to simply claim that someone was at fault—it must be proven.

Getting More for Your Truck Wreck Injuries

Accident victims often make the mistake of seeking compensation for medical bills only. This is a flawed approach because physical injuries change lives in more ways than just creating medical expenses.

After an injury, it is common to suffer wage loss, emotional trauma, and additional out-of-pocket expenses. Hiring a Miami Gardens truck accident lawyer will ensure that you don’t leave this money on the table.

This could include funds to cover any of the following that apply to your claim:

Knowing When to Settle

The insurance company may make an offer to settle the case. It is important not to settle too quickly. You only want to accept an offer once the amount is high enough to compensate you for all current and future expenses, along with any lost quality of life.

Attorney Boris Lavent can make a recommendation regarding settlement, but ultimately, you will be the one who will decide whether you want to settle or proceed to court.

Call for Help from a Miami Gardens 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer

Make sure an insurance company or opposing attorney doesn’t leave you with an inadequate settlement amount. For a free consultation with a Miami Gardens truck accident lawyer, complete the form below or call Lavent Law at (305) 440-0450.