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Miami Gardens Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injuries can range from minor to completely life altering. You may have broken bones or be suffering from complete paralysis. Despite what you’ve already been through, you will still have to deal with the legal hurdles presented by insurance companies, opposing attorneys, and courtroom procedures.

If you have been hurt in an accident, contact a Miami Gardens personal injury lawyer from Lavent Law, PA as soon as you are able. We can take some of the stress off your shoulders by handling your case’s legal challenges for you.

Florida Personal Injuries

With nearly 2 million emergency room and hospital visits in 2014, Florida’s court system is typically flooded with personal injury cases. These are most commonly slip-and-fall accidents and other forms of premises liability, poisonings caused by defective drugs and toxic exposure, and car accidents, but any accident involving the negligence of an individual, business, or government agency causing harm could qualify.

Your case doesn’t need to neatly slot into a specific category. If you think you have grounds for a lawsuit, contact a Miami Gardens personal injury lawyer from our firm to explore your options for financial compensation.

Serious and Catastrophic Injuries

The most severe injuries can result in permanently diminished physical or mental faculties, chronic pain, and many other symptoms that decrease your quality of life. Catastrophic injuries can include any of the following:

  • Broken bones and amputations
  • Neck, back, and spine injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Severe disfigurement and burns
  • Emotional damage such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Any injury where someone else was at fault

Conditions resulting from these injuries can be life altering. You may require physical therapy for the rest of your life or even need expensive in-home medical devices. If you are dealing with any of these, please contact a Lavent Law Miami Gardens personal injury lawyer soon.

Florida Personal Injuries and Comparative Negligence

Florida is one of several states that factor in the amount of fault an individual had in their own accident when determining settlement amounts. This practice is called comparative negligence and can reduce your compensation by the amount of negligence you are found responsible for.

For example, if you were speeding when the defendant crossed the median and hit you, you might receive 10 percent of the blame, which then reduces your $10,000 settlement by a corresponding 10 percent—leaving you with just a $9,000 settlement.

Working with a Miami Gardens personal injury lawyer from our firm is the best way to reduce the amount of fault you receive for your accident.

Compensation for Damages

After an accident, you could become overextended financially, possibly for years to come. Without the legal experience of a Miami Gardens personal injury lawyer, you may not receive the compensation you need to recover fully, both physically and financially.

You deserve reimbursement for any expenses incurred by your accident and injury:

  • Long-term and immediate medical costs
  • Alterations to your vehicle and home to address new mobility difficulties
  • Changes in income, especially if the injured person is the primary household earner
  • The pain you endured and your ongoing suffering, which are difficult to express, but no less real
  • Emotional distress from the shock of what you experienced
  • Harm to personal and spousal relationships, also known as loss of consortium

Free Evaluation from a Miami Gardens Personal Injury Lawyer

No matter how badly you are hurt or how much you think it may cost to recover, it’s difficult to know what the future holds. To receive compensation for your injury-related expenses, you will want the help of an experienced Miami Gardens personal injury lawyer from Lavent Law, PA.

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