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When Should I Contact An Attorney?

The fastest answer to this question is “now”, but it helps to have a few more details. In most cases, you really do need to contact an attorney immediately, and you need to know exactly what those cases might be. Consider your own situation as you read the details below, and then decide if now is the exact time you should contact a lawyer.

Someone's Negligence Caused Your Injury

If someone was negligent and it caused damage to you or your property, now really is the time to contact an attorney. There are several reasons for this, one of which is because you need to be able to recover the costs that you've dealt with so far. Another issue is that negligence implies that someone didn't do something they should have. If that's the case, they may decide to do it before you can collect evidence. For example, if you fell through someone's porch steps, you need to take action before they repair the steps and leave you without a way to prove that the steps were in unsafe condition when you fell through them.

You Suffered Because of a Direct Action

Sadly, there are cases when damage or injury occurs because of the direct action of others. When this happens, you need to take action immediately because the situation is fresh in your mind, but also because there may be valuable evidence to gather. If you happen to suffer from bruising, you'll want images of the bruises before they fade. If there were witnesses, someone will need to contact and speak with witnesses before the memory of the events fade from their minds.

Better to Be Safe and Call an Attorney

Most people hire lawyers for personal injury cases because they can't bear the burden alone. The financial obligations coupled with all the other details are just too much. However, there are cases when a client tries to hire an attorney to seek revenge. When clients wait for long periods of time to speak with an attorney, some judges may wonder if revenge is the motivating factor. You can avoid this by contacting an attorney immediately so that the issue is dealt with as soon as possible.

In most cases, if you think you have a personal injury case, you need to take action as soon as possible. Sometimes it's difficult enough to collect evidence to support a lawsuit. As time goes on, it only becomes more difficult because people forget things including crucial details. It's important to discuss these things with your lawyer while they are fresh in your mind so that your lawyer has a chance to gather information and evidence as soon as possible.

Even if you aren’t positive if the other person is at fault, or you are unsure if you deserve compensation for your injuries, you should contact Aventura attorney Boris Lavent as soon as possible. Your consultation is free, and you have nothing to lose. Call us to today at (305) 440-0450.