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What If I Cannot Come To Your Office?

In some situations, it isn't possible for the client to come to the office. This isn't all that unusual when it comes to things like personal injury cases. In those situations, if you could come to the office, you wouldn't need to call a lawyer in the first place.

When you imagine a visit with an attorney, you probably imagine having a seat in a comfortable chair on one side of a desk, while the lawyer sits on the other side of the desk, shuffling papers, or patiently listening as you explain the details of the case. In a perfect world, that's how it would go every time, with the last meeting being a celebration of the case having been won. Unfortunately life is messy and doesn't always work in such a simple, organized manner. Because of that, you sometimes need to schedule your appointment outside the office, whether it is in your home, hospital room, or wherever is most convenient for you.

Bedridden Situations

If you happen to be bedridden, you might also happen to have days and times when you just don't feel like talking to anyone about anything, much less discussing the details of a personal injury matter. If this is the case, there are several things you can do so that your legal issues are taken care of, but you get to rest comfortably at home.

Consider your history. Sometimes when people are bedridden, they know when they are going to feel better. These times might coincide with your medication schedule. If this is the case, we can schedule the visit during a window of time when you are most likely to be feeling rested and alert enough to discuss the details of your case.

Fear of Driving from Car Accidents

You might not even have transportation at this time. Furthermore, victims in personal injury cases often experience anxiety and fear when getting back on the road, especially in car accident matters. If this is the case, and you are more comfortable with us coming to you, or your car just isn’t in any condition due to an accident to bring you to our office, we can meet you in your home.


Discuss the matter with your attending physician or nursing staff. They will let you know when it might be best to schedule your appointment. Keep in mind that they want you to feel well enough to manage the appointment, but they also might want the visit to take place outside of things like shift change or vitals.

Don't avoid making an appointment just because you aren’t sure you can make it to the office. Boris Lavent is a skilled attorney in Aventura who will meet you at the location you are most comfortable. When it comes to personal injury, making off-site appointments is just another part of the routine and isn’t as uncommon as you might think. No matter your situation, call Lavent Law for an appointment at (305) 440-0450 and we’ll be on our way to help in no time.