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How Much Do You Charge?

People who need the services of a personal injury lawyer are usually already overburdened with financial obligations because of the injury itself. You have enough concerns about your finances without having to worry about how you’re going to pay for recovering some or all of those funds. That's why we are paid on a contingency basis. At Lavent Law, we recover our fees when there is a settlement so you don’t have to worry about expenses in the meantime. Which also means, if you don’t receive any compensation for your injuries, we won’t either.

Unknown Costs and Expenses

Part of the reason that the fees are contingency-based is that the end costs are unknown. Once the details of the case start coming out, there are a lot of fees associated with providing the details and evidence for the case. You shouldn't have to worry about trying to pay for those things on top of the issues you are already dealing with. For example, if an expert witness has to be retained, or copies of documents have to be purchased, it is going to change the overall cost of the service provided. These items go above and beyond the hourly rate of the attorney, but you aren't expected to come to the office and make a deposit every time there is a need for evidence.

When we win your case, or you make a full recovery, fees and expenses are deducted from your settlement. You will receive the remainder once the fees are recovered in full. In this way, you don't have to take anything out of pocket to make sure you get the best legal counsel that is available to you.

Payment Only Upon Settlement

There is another way you can look at how the fees are done. No one wants to work for free, including your attorney. Since the fees are contingency-based, there is added motivation to win the case. Boris Lavent is a skilled personal injury attorney who would work diligently to make sure you are compensated, but it sometimes helps clients to view fees as a motivating factor. However, this is something you should consider when discussing the overall sum, because a portion of that sum will be used to pay the fees associated with your particular case. In short, if you don’t receive a settlement, your personal injury case costs you nothing. We are only paid if you are successfully compensated for your injuries.

If you think you have a need for a personal injury lawyer, now is not the time to worry about fees. You won't have to spend anything out of pocket, so it's a good idea to at least find out if you have a case worthy of pursuing. If you have been injured, it’s important that you contact Lavent Law immediately. Your consultation is also free, with no risk to you or any additional expenses to consider. Don’t put off your case because you are worried about extra expenses. Call our office today at 305-440-0450 to get started.