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Miami Dog Bite Lawyer

Have you been bitten by a dog, or has your dog bitten someone else? What do you need to know about your rights if you’re involved in a dog bite scenario? Laws regarding animal safety apply to dog owners as well as non-dog owners. Dog bite lawyer Miami scenarios vary. For example, if you're bitten by a dog, are you allowed to seek damages for medical expenses or other damages? What if someone is teasing your dog and he snaps at the offender? What are your rights?

What to do if you're Bitten by a Dog

For dog owners, responsibility is the name of the game. Talking to a lawyer who has dealt with dog bite cases can give you the low-down on who is responsible and/or liable for damages if your dog bites someone else or if you’re on the receiving end of a dog bite. Will that apply if you get hurt trying to escape from a dog that you believe may attack you, even if it hasn't bitten you yet?

First, it's important to protect yourself, and you have a right to! This also includes scenarios where you may witness a dog attacking somebody else. In most states, the dog owner is responsible and liable for any damages that occur due to dog bites.

If you’re able, find out who the dog belongs to. In most states, dogs that bite a person are placed under quarantine to ensure they don't have rabies. This is most often supervised by local animal control services. Dog quarantine can be at the dog owner's home or a local animal shelter, or other location.

In the event you require medical attention for your dog bite wounds, make sure to get a copy of all the paperwork involved in that treatment. Attorneys often recommend documents that include medical bills (find out if copies need to be notarized in Florida), prescriptions, or additional medical services, including rehabilitation and follow-up appointments.

If you’ve been bitten by a dog, contact a Miami dog bite lawyer to determine your rights based on county and state regulations.

What's the One-Bite Rule?

Some states have a rule known as the "one-bite rule". If you believe you have a personal injury case due to a dog bite, ask your lawyer about this rule. Basically, it means that the first bite is “free”, but of course, that depends on circumstances and the danger posed by the animal to do harm, coupled with the awareness of any dog owner that his or her dog has a history of aggressive behavior.

Not all states enforce the one-bite rule. Attorney Boris Lavent serves the greater Miami area and is experienced and skilled in regard to dog bite scenarios and knows if the rule is applicable in Florida.

If you believe you have a personal injury case related to a dog bite, finding a dog bite lawyer Miami area is simple. Call Boris at Lavent Law at (305) 440-0450 to request a free consultation, and visit Lavent Law for more information on how you proceed.