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Miami Rollover Accident Lawyer

Florida can be a dangerous state to drive in due to the fact that three of the country’s most dangerous interstates are in Florida. Not surprisingly, this results in a large number of car accidents.

Some of the most serious accidents that occur on these roads and others will be rollover accidents. In rollovers, a car will flip over onto its roof at the very least—it may continue to roll any number of times before coming to a stop.

Obviously, being in an accident of this type can be traumatizing. Rollovers inevitably seem to result in severe injuries to the vehicle’s occupants and substantial damage to the vehicle itself. The worst rollovers can even result in fatalities.

Like many other car accident types, many rollovers are caused by negligence and simple human error. When you are the victim of this negligence, it can leave you burdened with heavy financial losses, physical injuries, and emotional or mental trauma. With the help of a Miami rollover accident lawyer, you can seek financial compensation for all of these items from either the at-fault party or an insurance company.

Rollover Accidents and Insurance Companies

In Florida, you are required to carry personal injury protection (PIP) insurance and to first file a claim with your own insurance company after being in a car accident.

After receiving your claim, the insurance company will then pay for your medical bills, lost wages, and other accident-related expenses. It’s possible, however, that you may not have enough PIP insurance to cover all your expenses and losses.

When this happens, you have the option to sue the other driver and his or her insurance company. A Miami rollover accident lawyer can review your case and advise you on your best course of action.

Personal Injury Lawsuits and Comparative Negligence

Once a settlement amount for your personal injury claim has been determined, how much you ultimately receive in your final settlement will depend on how the accident’s comparative negligence is assigned.

After reviewing the evidence and hearing the arguments, the court will assign each involved party a percentage of the fault. You only need the other party to receive a majority of the fault in order to receive a settlement; however, it is essential to reduce the amount of fault assigned to you as much as possible.

This is because the percentage of negligence assigned to you will reduce your total compensation by that same percentage. Your Miami rollover accident lawyer can gather evidence and build a strong case for why the other driver was more negligent and at fault, and how your actions had very little to do with what led to the accident.

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A rollover accident can leave you seriously injured, without a vehicle, and traumatized. When the other driver caused the accident, he or she should be held accountable for what happened.

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