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Rear-End Collision: $165,000 Settlement

Rear-End Collision 165000 Settlement

Many people think of rear-end collisions as fender-benders, but that’s not always true. Being hit from behind can lead to serious injuries, such as spinal cord injuries, neck and back injuries, shoulder damage, and serious head trauma.

For example, one of my clients suffered a serious injury in a rear-end collision in which the damage to her vehicle wasn’t even visible. Even with the lack of visible property damage, she still suffered a rotator cuff tear and had to undergo arthroscopic rotator cuff repair surgery.

Almost any type of surgery can be incredibly expensive. Fortunately, I was able to obtain my client a $165,000 settlement.

What Happened to My Client

Although I had evidence that proved my client had no prior shoulder injuries and had not been involved in any other vehicle collisions, the defendant’s legal team continued to argue that her shoulder injury was preexisting.

Why This Case Was Difficult

The defendant’s team cited the fact that there was a lack of vehicular damage. If the case had gone to trial, they would likely have hired a biomechanical engineer who would have testified that the damage the vehicle sustained was not consistent with my client’s injury.  

We Didn’t Back Down

Although the defendant’s legal team fought hard to deny our client the fair compensation she deserved, Lavent Law fought harder. We managed to settle this case in mediation just a few months prior to a scheduled trial.

How much compensation did I win for my client? A total of $165,000 to cover the damages she suffered at the hands of a negligent driver. A portion of the settlement paid for medical costs, case costs, and attorney’s fees. Each and every case is unique and not all cases result in such a large recovery.

Boris Lavent Isn’t Afraid of Tough Cases

Attorney Boris Lavent is not afraid of tough cases, and he will take your case to trial if he  has to. In the example above, he won a large settlement for his client. Even though the case was difficult because the damage to the vehicle was limited, he didn’t give up.

He believed in his client, her case, and her right to obtain compensation for a vehicle wreck she didn’t cause.

We Want to Help You, Too

If you’ve been seriously injured in a car crash in Florida, call our office to discuss your case with us.

We offer free consultations, and like the client highlighted above, you won’t pay us unless we win your case. Call Lavent Law at 305-440-0450 or complete the online contact form below.