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Miami Passenger Negligence Car Accident Lawyer

Negligence is the legal term used when someone was at fault or responsible for causing an accident. While most people naturally look to the other driver, passengers can also have liability for what happened.

When we seek to establish negligence, we are looking for evidence that demonstrates who caused or contributed to a car accident. If a passenger in one of the vehicles was partially to blame, the evidence will demonstrate this, and we can then name that individual in your personal injury lawsuit and seek financial compensation for your injuries and damages.

By hiring a Miami passenger negligence car accident lawyer from Lavent Law, you can make sure that all guilty parties are named in your lawsuit. We will conduct a thorough investigation that uncovers everyone who contributed to your car accident.

Ways Passengers Can Contribute to a Car Accident

Passengers can influence drivers and their behaviors or distract them from paying attention to the road. There is an almost infinite number of ways that a passenger could contribute to a car crash:

  • Grabbing the Steering Wheel – Trying to take control of the vehicle while not actually driving can lead to dangerous conditions and cause a wreck.
  • Hitting or Touching the Driver – Punching or touching a driver while he or she is operating a vehicle can produce reactions that cause the vehicle to swerve or worse.
  • Fighting with the Driver – Whether verbal or physical, fighting with the driver can distract him or her from the road—dangerous under any circumstances.
  • Giving Alcohol or Drugs to the Driver – Contributing to a car crash involving intoxication or driving under the influence of drugs can have serious penalties.

Vehicle Owners Can Be Negligent

If the owner of the vehicle was riding in the car as a passenger at the time of an accident, the owner could be partially at fault even when not contributing directly to a crash. To determine this, we will investigate whether the driver was fit to operate the vehicle.

For example, if the driver was clearly intoxicated, the owner of the vehicle should never have handed over the keys. Under Florida’s Dangerous Instrumentality Doctrine, vehicle owners are responsible for damages caused by their vehicle when it is driven with their knowledge and consent.

Why You Need an Attorney

Determining negligence can be difficult, especially when it comes to passengers. This is why you need an experienced Miami passenger negligence car accident lawyer from our office. We have the resources necessary to investigate your accident and gather evidence that can be used in court.

We can apply our experience and resources to your case in order to demonstrate who was negligent, the extent of your injuries, and why you deserve financial compensation.

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