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Miami Defective Tire Car Accident Lawyer

If your tires blew out and caused an accident, you need a Miami defective tire car accident lawyer from Lavent Law to prove negligence and product liability on the part of the tire manufacturer. There is always a chance that your accident was caused by driving over a nail or some other external factor, but if the tire manufacturer is to blame, they should be held accountable.

Past and Current Cases

Perhaps the most famous case of defective tire negligence was the Ford-Firestone controversy, which caused deadly accidents in the late 1990s and early 2000s. These cases resulted in sizeable settlements for victims and Firestone recalling millions of tires. Since then, there has been a greater awareness of the dangers that defective tires can pose to drivers and their passengers.

Risk of Driving with Defective Tires

If you have been driving with faulty tires, you may have been in an accident through no fault of your own. These risks are commonly associated with faulty tires:

  • Your car could suddenly swerve into oncoming traffic
  • Running into another vehicle
  • The debris from your blown tire causing wrecks behind you
  • Being unable to stop due to lack of traction

Any of these events could indicate that an investigation should be conducted into what caused your accident and whether or not you have a product liability case. Otherwise, you could be unfairly blamed for what happened.

You May Never Know if Your Tire Is Defective

The process of issuing recalls is flawed and most drivers never find out that their tires are defective and need to be replaced until it is too late. Even if you visit the shop to have your tires inspected, they may not have up-to-date information or tell you that there is a problem.

If you have been in an accident and think that your tires may be to blame, one of the first things we will do is look to see if they were recalled or if there have been other consumer complaints about issues similar to yours.

What Makes a Tire Defective

On a bad tire, the surface may split or the rubber and metal could separate from each other. The sidewall could also be faulty, causing the tire to collapse while you are driving. Many defective tires also have insufficient tread, which could lead to a lack of traction and inability to stop your vehicle in time.

A professional will need to examine your tires to determine what happened in your accident and whether the tires were to blame. Should a tire defect be discovered, contact one of our Miami defective tire car accident lawyers immediately.

Building Your Case

In order to receive financial compensation for your injuries, we need to prove that someone else was negligent or to blame for the actual accident. This requires a thorough examination of what happened:

  • Gathering evidence, such as photographs, video footage, and witness statements
  • Reviewing accident reports
  • Conducting discovery to compel production of documents and other evidence from the manufacturer
  • Speaking with your doctor and reviewing medical records

Receive Compensation for Your Injuries

You need an aggressive Miami defective tire car accident lawyer to build your case so that you can receive the maximum possible compensation. At Lavent Law, we will work to ensure that you receive money for your current and future medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other accident-related expenses and damages.

Call (305) 440-0450 today to discuss the details of your wreck and to find out if you have a case against a tire manufacturer. You can also contact our office by completing our online form below.