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What Should I Tell the Insurance Companies?

Many of our clients call asking, “What should I tell the insurance companies?” This is actually a very important question because the insurance companies are not on your side. You need to be careful because the insurance company will use everything you say against you, if they can.

Why do I have to be careful?

While your personal insurance agent may be a childhood friend, they are not the one who will process or approve your claim. They are entirely hands off, as this process is left to trained insurance adjusters. And their job is to limit the amount of money that the insurance company will pay out for your claim. When they do so, the insurance company is more profitable.

One of the ways they can limit your claim is by trying to prove that you were to blame for the accident. This is a common tactic, even when it seems perfectly obvious that you had nothing to do with it. A simple, innocent statement about how fast you were going could end up becoming evidence against you.

Well, what should I tell the insurance companies?

Very little. You need to tell them your personal information: name, phone number, address, and insurance information. They may ask where you work, what you do, how much money you make, what your schedule is, etc. However, beyond telling them the company you work for, you do not need to provide any further details and should avoid doing so.

Note: They will be recording your phone call, so while you need to limit what you say, remain polite as much as possible.

What should I tell them about the accident itself?

You can tell them where the accident took place, the date and time, the other vehicles involved in the crash, and if there were any witnesses. If they ask about the type of accident, you can say it was a crash but do not give any further details. Let them know that you are still investigating the case and will give them more details later. At this point, you want to work with our law firm to prepare a written statement that is crafted to portray your version of the events that took place.

Note: You should not give them any further information about your injuries, what you think happened, your doctor, etc. These are all details that can be provided in the future with the help of your attorney.

In the future, the insurance company will also want a copy of your accident report. You can obtain a copy by ordering it online or filling out a Sworn Statement for Traffic Crash Report Information.

What should I get from them?

You should always ask who you are speaking with and document their name, the company they work for, job title at the company, phone number, extension, and anything else that would allow you to reach them later on. You should also write down a claim number or whatever they are using to reference your file.

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