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Miami Car Accident Delayed Injury Lawyer

Immediate car accident injuries and a delayed car accident injury can both qualify for financial compensation. The challenge, however, is proving that your injury did indeed come from the accident. Hiring a Miami car accident delayed injury lawyer is the best way to do so.

What You Should Know About Shock

Immediately following a car accident, you are likely to go into shock. This means you will not feel the full extent of your injuries. In fact, you may feel nothing at all. This can lead people to fail to recognize a broken bone, profuse bleeding, back injuries, and more. However, eventually you will feel the pain from your injuries and require medical care.

Injuries Are Treated the Same Way in Court

In court, we will need to prove that you were injured in the accident, and this will be the most challenging aspect of a delayed car accident injury as opposed to an immediate one. Otherwise, the same basic factors come into play. A Miami car accident delayed injury lawyer needs to prove that the other driver was negligent and responsible for your injuries, and this requires gathering evidence and building a strong case. By doing that and proving that your injury was caused by the accident, you will be in a good position to receive financial compensation.

A Miami Car Accident Delayed Injury Lawyer Can Make Sure You Receive the Medical Care You Need

Prior to going to trial or a settlement conference, you will need to continue receiving medical care. If the insurance company is denying you access to the treatments you need or trying to restrict your level of care, you are going to need a Miami car accident delayed injury lawyer. We can fight against the insurance company to ensure that you are not limited in the amount or type of care you can receive.

You Can Receive Financial Compensation for Delayed Car Accident Injuries

Paying for your medical bills on your own can get expensive. You don’t have to do this. Instead, you can open a case with your insurance company and file a lawsuit to seek financial damages. If you do, this has to be done within four years or you will lose the opportunity to do so, per Florida’s statute of limitations.

Maximize the Value of Your Claim With Help From a Miami Car Accident Delayed Injury Lawyer

According to the CDC, the average accident victim will spend $57,000 over their lifetime, paying for medical care associated with their injuries. This is a lot of money, and if you have not filed a claim due to your injury being delayed, that could be money you have to pay out of pocket yourself. The only way to get help paying for these bills is to ask for it through negotiations or demand it in court. As an attorney, I can help with both while also helping you maximize the value of your claim. This is important because according to the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association, the average insurance payout is only $15,443 — a significant difference between what you receive and what you will have to pay. Working with a Miami car accident delayed injury lawyer is the best way to ensure that you get as much money as possible.

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