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Miami Car Accident Broken Bone Lawyer

When you have suffered from car accident injuries, broken bones are common. It is fairly easy to break an arm or leg when in a major wreck. If you have, your recovery time can be far longer than if you were to suffer from a simple sprain. Working with a Miami car accident broken bone lawyer can ensure that while you are recovering, the insurance company is paying for your medical bills and that you have the opportunity to file a lawsuit to receive more significant compensation.

Treating Car Accident Injuries and Your Broken Bones

You will naturally need medical care to treat your broken bones. This should be done at the local emergency room, and an ambulance can take you there from the scene of the accident. However, this is only the beginning of your recovery. You need to receive ongoing care by way of physical therapy to ensure that your bone heals and that you regain complete mobility afterward. This can take years, and some people need physical therapy on an ongoing basis.

When to Call a Miami Car Accident Broken Bone Lawyer

The first thing you should do is get to safety and then receive medical care. Once you have, call an attorney. In order to receive money for your injuries, you need to prove that the other driver was negligent and caused the accident. Doing so requires evidence, and the sooner you hire an attorney, the faster that evidence can be gathered. Remember how quickly things change. Road debris can be cleared, a broken stoplight can be fixed, and evidence can virtually disappear. Calling for help from a Miami car accident broken bone lawyer as soon as possible means that the accident scene can be documented right away.

Valuing Your Claim After Suffering Car Accident Injuries and Broken Bones

When valuing your accident claim, we look at your medical expenses to date and what you are likely to pay in the future. According to CDC research, the average person will pay over $50,000 in medical expenses related to their accident over their lifetime. Yet, according to RMIIA (an insurance association), the average personal injury claim was only $15,443. Very often, this is because the claim is not being valued properly. If you only look at what you have spent to date and are likely to spend in the next few months, you are likely to be selling yourself short and settling for far less than you actually need. As a Miami car accident broken bone lawyer, I will work to place a true value on your claim after taking your future expenses into consideration, in addition to what you are having to pay currently. Additionally, I will consider any money you have lost due to taking time off to care for your broken bones.

Remember Who You Are Dealing With

The insurance company is not on your side. They will have a team of attorneys whose job is to minimize your claim and potentially point blame in your direction. You do not want to go up against them on your own or agree to anything without having a lawyer look at it first. Otherwise, you could be taken advantage of. Some of their tactics involve trying to make it appear as though you caused the accident, that you are not actually injured, that your broken bones should not have made you miss work, and anything else they can do to reduce the value of your claim. The best way to combat this is with a well-researched and -documented case that proves your innocence and the true nature of your injuries.

Schedule a Consultation to Discuss Your Car Accident Injuries and Broken Bones

I can build a strong case in order to maximize the value of your claim. With Lavent Law, you are not a name on a file but someone deserving of personal attention and support. That is exactly what you will receive from our law office. By taking the time to get to know you and answer your questions, we ensure that you are both well informed and comfortable with the process. To talk to a Miami car accident broken bone lawyer or to get started with your claim today, call (305) 440-0450, or contact us here.