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Car Accident: $100,000 Settlement

A serious car accident is an experience you may never forget. The wreck itself can be extremely traumatic, such as the crash one of my clients had to endure. Her accident was so bad that she had to be freed from her vehicle by a Florida fire and rescue team.

You can imagine that her experience will stay with her forever. The good news is she can rest easy because attorney Boris Lavent secured a $100,000 settlement for her.

The Situation

After the collision, my client’s vehicle was badly damaged—the door had to be cut off to get her out after the crash. She also had to deal with medical expenses, as well as the physical pain her hip and knee injuries were causing her. While she was trying to juggle all the stresses that followed her collision, she realized she needed some help.

Seeking compensation on her own was likely too much to handle in an injured state, and she needed to decide the best way to recover her losses. Fortunately, she called me. The losses she suffered added up to what could have been crippling financial debt—had she not contacted Lavent Law.

Fair Compensation for My Client’s Losses

Working closely with my client, I determined the full extent of her losses, including the value of her medical expenses and property damage. I also examined all relevant insurance policies to determine exactly what we were working with.

Here’s what I was able to recover for her:

  • A $100,000 Settlement – This was the maximum amount allowed under all insurance policy limits. With this compensation, my client had what she needed to pay her medical costs, as well as compensation for the physical, mental, and emotional turmoil she suffered.
  • Property Damage Compensation - My client’s vehicle was totalled in the accident, and I secured the full fair market value of her vehicle from the at fault driver’s insurance carrier so that my client could buy a replacement vehicle.
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Benefits – She also received the full $10,000 in available PIP benefits, which included her wage loss at 60 percent reimbursement (the rate defined in Florida law).

Lavent Law Can Help You, Too

The attorney at Lavent Law can successfully negotiate fair settlements for serious vehicle crashes in Florida. And clients don’t have to pay us a dime until after we win the compensation they deserve.

To speak with a car accident lawyer from our firm, call 305-440-0450 or fill out the online contact form at the bottom of this page.

A portion of the above settlement paid for medical expenses, case costs, and attorney’s fee. Each case is unique and not all cases result in such a high recovery.