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Miami Bus Accident Lawyer

No one gets up in the morning and takes the bus to work or school expecting to get into an accident. A Miami bus accident lawyer is well aware that accidents involving school buses, city transit buses, and independently-owned buses may find themselves involved in a traffic accident, a bus-versus-pedestrian, or a train-versus-bus accident.

We all worry about school bus accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the American School Bus Council, school buses are designed specifically to provide greater safety than a passenger vehicle. Nevertheless, we've all read tragic news stories of bus accidents in the recent past.

Does It Matter What Type of Bus is involved in an Accident?

Buses come in all different shapes and sizes. Common types include:

  • School bus
  • City transit bus
  • Airport shuttle buses
  • Casino buses (transportation from hotels to casinos)
  • Entertainment venue buses (think Disneyland, ski areas, National Park Services, etc.)

Whether you're on a school bus or a city transit bus, accidents can happen. A bus is classified as a common carrier. As such, owners of such companies as well as bus drivers are obligated to provide a greater "duty of safety and protection" than the driver of a private vehicle, and must follow state and federal transit regulations in Florida. In the event of a bus accident, serious injuries may occur but determining the level of responsibility is not always cut and dry.

A Miami bus accident lawyer familiar with transit regulations of different types and passenger capacity of buses will be able to help determine liability. In some cases, a bus company may be a governmental entity, such as a city transit bus or school district bus. Independent bus companies such as tourist or charter buses will be governed by different city, county, state, or even federal regulations.

Determining Fault

Determining fault in a bus accident is a lot like determining fault in other vehicle accidents. Some of the issues under consideration may include:

  • Drivers (is the bus driver experienced and trained?)
  • What about the driver of other vehicles involved in the accident?
  • Who owns the bus company? A governing body such as local government, a school district, or a privately owned tourist company?)
  • Maintenance (these issues can be very important, especially with a government-owned bus such as a school bus or city transit bus, where rules and regulations are carefully stipulated in city ordinances and regulations).

If you have been involved in a bus accident, consult a Miami bus accident lawyer.  Do so sooner rather than later, as different states have different regulations in regard to a statute of limitations for filing claims following an accident involving a bus.

It’s stressful enough to be involved in an accident, but you don't have to "fight City Hall" all by yourself. Contact Boris Lavent of Lavent Law if you have been involved in a bus accident. He has the skills, experience, and understanding of Miami and surrounding area bus regulations to help you make your case. Visit Lavent Law or contact Boris Lavent at (305) 440-0450 for a free consultation.