Miami Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle accidents are unique and often come with their own sets of issues and injuries. In many cases, motorcyclists involved in an accident might face immediate backlash from those assuming that every accident with a motorcycle involves some kind of crazy and reckless behavior. When facing such situations; whether you are a motorist or cyclist involved in an accident, you need an experienced Miami motorcycle accident lawyer. Miami, in particular, is a common place for such incidents to happen as the weather we love allows for more motorcycles to be on the road year round than in many other locations.

Get Help with Collision-Based Medical Bills

One of the biggest financial expenses when it comes to motorcycle accidents is the medical bill itself. A motorist in an enclosed vehicle isn’t likely to face high medical injuries unless the accident caused them to swerve and hit another object, whether it was animate or inanimate. While this may work out for the best for the driver, medically speaking, it doesn’t always look good in a courtroom.

Since the motorcyclist is most likely to be the one with the most physical injuries, many believe they automatically have the sympathy of the court on his or her side. However, victims need to prepare for accident attorneys skilled in placing the blame on the cyclist. According to Florida law, motorcyclists are responsible for certain safety gear – just one area you can guarantee will be scrutinized and examined. The medical bills that cyclists often face have no such compunction and are going to have to be paid by someone. Sympathy alone makes for a poor deposit in a bank account. Attorneys such as Boris Lavent, are experienced and skilled in making sure that the court not only sympathizes with you but provides adequate relief for your trauma.

Post-Accident Insurance Ramifications

No insurance company wants to foot the bill for the cost of the vehicles, much less the cost of the medical care. Therefore, the person at fault is most likely going to pay those costs over time, in the form of higher premiums and added fees. These are the kinds of incidents that follow a motorist for life when it comes to seeking out new insurance policies, and the type that motorists will do anything they can to avoid. You should be aware as a cyclist, that without a lawyer you may face financial obligations from insurance companies which you can’t afford, that you might not be actually responsible for. You are not only up against the motorist who hit you, but you’ll likely have to face the insurance company as well.

Long-Term Mental Health Concerns

Anytime someone is in an accident, there are mental health concerns. When it comes to motorcycle accidents, the physical damage the rider will experience is usually far more significant than the damage the driver of an enclosed vehicle experiences. In addition to the physical damage, you might experience feelings of guilt, even if you weren’t at fault. On top of that just seeing the results of the accident, can affect your mental health significantly. You might even find it difficult getting back on your bike again. In order to recover from this kind of trauma, extensive mental health assistance may be necessary.

Mental health costs differ from physical health costs because the damage isn’t readily visible or treatable with a quick medical procedure. That’s important to consider when it comes to insurance because the medical professional will have to demonstrate that the help is needed. The co-pays and costs from missing work or simply driving to the appointments can add up, but you may be entitled to compensation. A Miami motorcycle accident lawyer can help you recover or avoid those costs altogether.

While the consequences of a motorcycle accident aren’t all about finances, it is the finances that help people deal with the tragedy of the accident. No one wants to think in terms of compensation when it comes to recovering from or dealing with an accident, but someone has to. Because of the unique elements involved, people who want to succeed turn to a Miami motorcycle accident lawyer. Miami has far too many positive experiences to offer that shouldn’t be missed because of a motorcycle accident.

Although motorcycle accidents can be traumatic experiences, the good news is there are people who can help, so you don’t have to go through this alone. You can recover from an accident, over time and with the right people in your corner. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, Lavent Law can help you get back on the road. Please call us immediately to set up a free consultation at (305) 440-0450.